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4 Things You Do Not Need At Your Conference Anymore


Things you no longer need at your Conference

When was the last time you carried a pen and a notepad with you? These days, your notes are just a few clicks and taps away, and for some even a few voice messages away! It’s been quite a while since you licked a stamp. You can’t seem to remember the taste of it. Forget pasting and sending it! Instead, you can reach out to myriads of people in one go. You can access a plethora of things at the same time and you know it that it is this technology taking all over our lives. Just like we all aren’t hooked to our telephone cords anymore, it is time that our events also become mobile!

Bygone times are a thing of past, literally! So, it is time that we just hop into the future and let go of these 4 things which are irrelevant for your next big conference.


In this era of Communications, PowerPoint seems to have lost all its power and point! Although, the MS tool has undergone a few epic updations, who wants to sit through hours of presentations? No matter how interestingly the texts twirl, or the pie-charts spin, we all know the answer to this. However, we do not say that you should let go off presentations at your conferences.

At conferences, engagement is the motive and the backbone of the success that it may bring to you. So, why not try for options that do not offer long sleepy sessions but offer active engagements? We don’t suggest that you find alternatives to MS Power-Point. Instead, slip into your creative shoes and run alternatives. Ask your speaker to use different methods of illustrations. Use different formats; videos, visuals, sounds and even interactive tools. You can always ask technology to get your work done. Involve mobile apps, live-interaction tools, and application-powered microphones.

Feedback forms

Time is money, and money is time. Do you really want to spend your time handing out paper pieces, demanding feedback? How many feedback forms will you sit and read? And, how many of those will contain ‘valuable’ feedback? What so ever, just let this element in your conference go!

If this paper wastage compels you enough, now is the time to go to other smart options. You can always incorporate digital ways. You can use digital tools, event-based applications, and social media to your advantage. Hike your response rate by involving lucrative deals, games, challenges in exchange for their feedback; all at digital platforms!


We do not live under rocks! At your conference, there are other ways for intra-communication which do not require these heavy machines. There is no substantial reason that you still make use of them. So, take the hint and just drop it.

The Fuss

Life is not meant to be taken seriously, they say. So, how can your conference qualify enough to get you stressed? Is there a point? We do not say that do not take your event seriously, instead, we suggest that you have fun. Let go of the fuss. A decent choice would be that you don’t leave anything for the last minute. Plan it out, in advance. Make sure your registrations, operations and setups are well organized. Do this and see yourself glide through the entire event!

Yes, we do understand enough time is never enough to execute these conferences. Therefore, sometimes, it is beneficial to stick with tried and tested old-school methods. But, if you do not take the leap, you will never get to new places! Get out of your zone, try out new things. For who knows you could be the next big trendsetters in your area of business! After all, success is what we all aim for.

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